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Waterproofing Services for Northland

Waterproofing and warm roofs for ultimate protection

Water is a feasible threat to any building structure as saturated surfaces places hydrostatic pressure on walls, roofs, foundation footings and underslab. Offering a top-quality waterproofing service to developers, construction companies and architects Northland-wide, Torch Works skilfully waterproofs properties to protect them from wet weather for years to come.

Torch Works are experienced applicators of:

Waterproofing sustainable designs

Torch Works specialises in waterproofing solutions for decks, podiums, architectural flat roofs and insulated warm roofs and green/living roof solutions. Utilising quality membrane solutions from Nuralite, Viking and Equus, our expert waterproofing service is the first step in realising the most innovative eco-roof designs to ensure the ultimate protection and optimal energy efficiency.

DECK waterproofing
Flat Roofs Waterproofing
Insulated Warm Roofs
Underground Tanking

Looking for the most advanced waterproofing services in Northland?